Ruth Clark Workshop

E-Learning and the Science of Instruction – 3 Hour Workshop

Is your e-Learning making optimal use of evidence-based instructional modes and methods? 

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to review and apply the evidence on best practices with graphics, text, audio as well as worked examples and practice engagement. 

The workshop will include a combination of instructor presentations and short application segments. 

You will receive an e-copy of e-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Clark and Richard Mayer.

During the workshop you will:

  • Distinguish among three forms of cognitive load
  • Apply evidence regarding best use of graphics, text, and audio in e-learning
  • Apply worked examples and engagement techniques to e-learning lessons

A. Orientation and Introductions – 15 minutes
B. Evidence-based e-Learning learning and cognitive load theory – 30 minutes
C. Case study:  Can this e-Learning be Saved? – 30 minutes

- Teams of 3 will develop storyboards to teach a genetics concept.  Storyboards to be developed on wall charts and posted.
D. Evidence on best use of visuals, text, and audio in e-Learning – 30 minutes
E.  Review and critique of storyboards regarding use of text, audio, graphics – 10 min
F.  Evidence on worked examples and engagement in e-Learning – 30 min
G.  – Review and critique of storyboards regarding worked examples and engagement -10 min

* Times assume English fluency.  If translation time is needed, agenda will be adjusted

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